I am enthralled by the concept that the art of a tattoo only lasts for as long as the wearer lives.
Since learning to tattoo, I find I become more and more fascinated by the reasons people get tattoos, and feel honoured, and sometimes awed, (sometimes disturbed!!) by the stories people share about themselves and their lives that prompt them to wear a reminder of that indelibly.
I have always loved art and music, and tattooing and piercing seemed to walk into my life hand in hand with that – I feel extremely fortunate to be doing something I get up and look forward to every day!
I try to turn my hand to pretty much all styles, but pieces with really fine or tiny detail is definitely for me. As I become more experienced, I’m finding cover-ups/reworks a great challenge for my artistic skills and the feeling of achievement when a client adores the finished piece makes the headaches of creation totally worth while.