Sean first started tattooing in 1984 learning most of his trade by MR RONNIE STARR himself and now passes his own knowledge onto todays up and coming tattoo artists of which four of his apprentices have now gone on to run thier own studios. Sean has a vast wealth of experience in both tattooing and piercing having worked in the business for over 30 years. He has worked all over Europe and the UK guest tattooing for many different studio’s. He came back to work for Ronnie Starr’s in Hull in 1991 where he has been ever since. Sean’s hunger for the job remains as strong as ever as his motivation is to provide the best quality tattoo’s for each of his many customers. Sean’s personal customers base runs into the thousands, all of who will swear by his amazing skills, artwork and overall exceptionally high quality of tattoo’s. Sean’s favourite area of work is black & grey designs, as he finds it challenging being able to bring these designs to life with a varied range of shades and shadows.